Bake it Off
Jaime Oliver: I'm a baking King.
Baking is my thing.
So come into my ring.
uh huh
Taylor Swift: No. Incredibly Wrong. Those aren't the words at all.
Jaime Oliver: There's a bowl on the pan
Have the chocolate if you can.
Sugar, butter will be grand
huh huh
Taylor Swift: *Covers ears and proceeds to bake with elbows*
Jaime Oliver: My arm is aching
Just pour it in the cake tin.
It's like I got this sponge cake in my mind
Saying it's gonna taste so fine.
Taylor Swift: *Rolls Eyes*
Jaime Oliver: wooo
Taylor Swift: Don't steal my ingredients.
That was mine.
You don't cheat.
This is a serious competition.
Jaime Oliver: *Steals more of Taylor's ingredients*
Taylor Swift: *Gives him the look*
Jaime Oliver: All the stars come bake bake bake bake bake
My cake's gonna taste great great great great
Taylor Swift: *Holds Loser sign up to her head*
Jaime Oliver: First place I'll take take take take take
Bake it off, bake it off
Jaime Oliver: *Dances strangely while Taylor Swift looks at him disapprovingly*
Jaime Oliver: Sweet tooth is gonna ache ache ache ache ache
At my chocolate cake cake cake cake cake
My kitchen's a state state state state state
Bake it off.
wooo owww Come on baby, come on
Taylor Swift: *Starts Dancing*
Jaime Oliver: That's it, come down to my level
Taylor Swift: This is much more fun
Jaime Oliver: *sees Taylor's cake*
How did you do that?
Taylor Swift: I baked it off Jim.
Jaime Oliver: *Walks away, comes back* It's very nice though, nice pint work and decorations.
Taylor Swift: Thank you, nice to meet you Jeremy.
"Buonanotte a chi la buonanotte non la riceve mai.."
Saniesalvi (via saniesalvi)

i drew dis :D (why is taylor swift so pretty?)
"Say something I’m giving up on you"